Why Use Technique?

Established in 1998 Technique is a privately owned independent IT Specialist organisation. It prides itself in being able to supply, install and support the very latest IT solutions and ensure that its client’s requirements are always more than satisfied.

Technique Technique’s unique approach to support and third party liaison ensures that its clients are never caught between suppliers refusing to take responsibility. Technique meets every challenge with the same vigour and its goal is always to achieve client satisfaction.

  • Every client receives a dedicated technical account manager.
  • We guarantee that any solution we supply will work exactly as it was specified.
  • We constantly evaluate our market place to ensure that our clients are aware of the very latest IT solutions.
  • We have a dedicated call centre that is always manned with technical staff during working hours.
  • We fix 87% of all reported problems remotely or by phone, saving our clients down time and on-site consultancy charges.
  • We are engineering led and will only provide quality solutions.
  • We keep all our clients informed of the very latest IT via our Technology updates program.
  • We fix 74% of all reported problems from the first contact with the end user.
  • Our engineers are ALL manufacturer trained
  • We never refuse to attend to problems; even if another supplier has caused them, we will never abandon you.
  • We are 100% independent.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide Information Technology Solutions that meet the exact needs of our clients and take care of them thereafter so that our clients can focus on their field of expertise.






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