ADSL & Leased Lines

As an independent provider of communications Technique has established a number of strategic partners within the wholesale connectivity market and these relationships allow us to provide the most reliable and cost effective solutions.

Subject to availability Technique can provide :-

Connectivity, ADSL and Leased

  • ADSL - Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
  • SDSL - 'Synchronous Digital Subscriber Line'
  • EPS 9 - Engineer's Performance Specification (extenders)
  • MPLS - Multi-protocol Label Switching
  • Leased Line - point to point
  • Leased Line - Internet

ADSL & SDSL are available with contention ratios varying from 1:1 to 50:1.

Connectivity Backup Services
If you utilise high capacity bandwidth as part of your company's backbone or your Internet connectivity is mission critical to your company you might want to consider our range of backup circuits with failover routers. The circuits can be provided in varying sizes with fully automated failover routers; these solutions will offer a seamless transfer to alternative connectivity and thus keep services running should you suffer a failure.

For an assessment of your existing communications or simply a competitive quotation please contact us.