Off-site Backup

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Your data is crucial to your business. It is one of your most important assets.

That’s why companies must prepare for worst case scenarios, human error, hardware loss and equipment failure. 

At Technique we offer our clients complete protection against loss, damage and theft through off site backups, ensuring that if the worst happens, data can be recovered as quickly as possible and your business can get back to work.

In its simplest form this means that if one of your employees leaves a laptop on a train or in a taxi the important information it contains is secure, replicated and easy to access when it is needed.

At the other end of the scale, we backup the data on bespoke systems, such as digital industrial machinery which can be critical to a business, so that if they stop working the data can be sent to another machine to continue the job, minimising disruption to customers and preventing a factory or business from stopping production.

Off-site backups are also crucial in disaster recovery. Files stored in just one physical location are vulnerable and in reality not properly backed up.

So get in touch and get your backups out of harm’s way.

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