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Your IT is under almost constant threat, not just from viruses but also from the websites your employees visit.

That’s why we offer our clients a first line of defence against email borne viruses, spam, malware and viruses.

This includes e-mail filtering which ensures any viruses or malware is stripped from emails before they land in your employees’ mailboxes. The software here will also ensure unwanted and unsolicited emails are managed based on keywords, sender and incorrect sender ID.

We also offer web filtering, which means that whatever machine you have, wherever it is in the world, regardless of whether it is on a corporate network or a member of staff’s home Wi-Fi, our system can filter its outbound and inbound internet activity. It will deny access to websites on any blocked or unsuitable lists and will also stop websites interacting in any way which could make the computer vulnerable – ensuring your company assets are always protected.

A growing threat to an organisation’s IT is that posed by Ransomware and Crypto Lockers. This malicious software is sent as solicited mail which looks genuine and beats spam blocks. It typically includes a spreadsheet which contains a macro and once embedded this encrypts files in the machine. It will then demand money to access those files. We use products such as Malwarebytes to protect your system.

We also offer guidance and policies which you can issue to your employees to reduce the risk caused by these threats. 

Finally, if you need assistance with Cyber Essentials or General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) we can assist you with anything from straightforward advice through to complete certification.



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