Internet Service Provision

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We know internet services are vital for virtually
all businesses and their customers in the digital age.

That’s why we offer a range of essential, business critical services to our clients, ranging from domain name registration to co-location rack space to keep them connected.

These services are provided from our purpose built facility in Berkshire with a secondary, back-up facility at Global Switch in London.

Crucially, this ensures continuity for your incoming email, reducing the risk of lost sales and customer or colleague enquiries.

Our servers are fault tolerant and clustered to ensure we supply the absolute maximum service up-time to our clients.

As well as providing co-location for your servers in our dedicated rack space, we also offer on-site services such as simple backup, total operating system and patch management. Additionally, we provide connectivity backup services which ensure that if you have a failover circuit you won’t lose your IP identity and essential services like emails will keep running.

Our standard ISP services are listed below, but bespoke solutions are also available. 

  • Domain name registration
  • Domain name hosting
  • Domain aliasing
  • SMTP mail feeds
  • Static IP addresses
  • Dynamic & Static Internet connectivity
  • Secure sockets layer (SSL) including wild cards
  • Co-location rack space
  • Web site statistics


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